Jar`Tan Petamaa is a Sangheili, wich began his career within the Twilight Covenant.

Jar`Tan was first a High Councilor within the Twilight Covenant, a high rank, wich `Tan was worth of.After some battles with the Covenant, Jar`Tan was promoted to the rank of Arbiter, but refused, then, they got to know `Tan`s greatest dream : Becoming a Honor Guard.This became true, but he was promoted to an Ultra Honor Guard, even more than he expected.He still wears his Councilor armor, below the Honor Guard Pieces.


  • Jar`Tan`s armor is pretty strange and Odd, as he combined the Councilor Armer with the Honor uard One, akin the Honor Guard Councilor.
  • `Tan always had a strong rivalty with John-117.
  • `Tan once had almost killed John 117 if an Elite wouldn`t interrupt (see the image below ehere John-117 battles `Tan with swords)